Commission list.

1 | InsanityCreator: OC sketch
1 | Anno1404: Simpsons Fanart
2 | Anno1404: OC Art.
1 | Mario Fanart
2 | Ashtak (Discord): OC Elf - Unpaid
None! Why don't you be the first? =)
None! Why don't you be the first? =)

These are my commission Terms.

1) Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size and medium of each individual piece.

2) If references are provided, I will follow the designs within the references. If you miss something, and do not catch it quick, I may or may not be willing or able to add it in later.

3) Payments $15 and under must be made up front in full before preliminary work begins. If over $15, half upfront.

4) If the artwork is finished before final payments are made, the Client will not receive the original paint/drawing or un-watermarked digital image of the commission until final payments are made.

5) Clients will be sent various WiP's. If there are any edits to be made, it is when the WiP's are sent that they can be brought to my attention. If you do not notice it until the end, then I am not required to fix it. Unless it was my own fault that the error was made.

6) I reserve the right to reject critique and redline pertaining to artistic skill or style preference (i.e. anatomy, coloring style, etc.) if said critique reduces the artistic quality of the piece.

7) In the event a cancellation occurs, the following will happen. Lined Images - If I have already started shading the image, there will be no refund. If I have not finished lining, there will be a 5o% refund. Unlined Images - If I have finished the sketch (as it will be more detailed than for a lined image), and have begun colouring, there will be no refund. If I have not begun colouring, then I will refund 5o%.

8) I will discuss commissions via whatever means is easiest for you. However, if we are to communicate via means other than email [] then I will not be held responsible if details are missed, forgotten, or lost. I will always recommend to send me an email to ensure that I have everything in an easy to find location.

9) I reserve the right to issue a refund, or cancel, a commission if there is any of the following: Poor communication, rude behaviour, or an inability to communicate effectively in English.

10) I will ensure that the Client receives updates as necessary. If you wish to have an update, and you feel it has been too long since I last sent one, please do not hesitate to inquire! [Do not inquire more than twice a week though. I may intentionally slow down on it if you bother me too much]

11) I will not draw the following, without seriously bribery: Illegal material, children in any shape or form, extremely detailed characters, anything mecha-based, animals, aliens. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, and am not required to explain my reasoning.

12) I retain all rights to post my art where I see fit. Whether it be my personal website, my patreon, etc. I am willing to speak with the Client about it, if there is a desire for it to be private. I also retain the rights to make prints and use it on merchandise if I so desire.

13) The Client retains all rights to their own characters. This does not grant them the rights to the image. [See article 12]

14) The Client may not profit from the artwork beyond selling an original copy. [Traditional only] The Client is not allowed to sell rights to the image, or digital files involving the image.

15) The Client cannot alter the image in any sense, short of cropping for a signature or avatar. The Client may also upload to their own galleries or websites, but credit must be given, and it must not be an unmarked version, or a HQ version - unless we have previously spoken about it and come to an agreement.

16) I am within my rights to reuse any sketches or failed concepts that were not in the final image.

17) The Client must read, understand and agree to all the above terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist. By sending payment, the Client agrees to the above terms.

I'm sorry. For the moment, I am not accepting commissions!